Intro: Governments and Political parties are the reason for a common man to stay away from their families to get a quality education or a good employment. Everything is interlinked with Development. Since I am brought up in Andhra and Telangana regions, I can only elaborate or explain based on my home state. i.e. about the Andhra Pradesh before bifurcation.

According to political parties, there are two sets of people, one who votes and the others who never vote. Most voters have political views, depends on their political interests. Non-Voters might not be interested in politics or leaders who contests. Knowingly or unknowingly they are doing harm to their constituencies. Many of them didn’t know the importance of a ‘Vote’.  Political parties create many fake voter IDs mostly because of these Non-Voters. If you were a nonvoter, I kindly request you to use your right to vote! If someone comments on government without using their right to vote, then they are fools.

Actual Case: There are around 18 Chief Ministers till date (2017) since 1950 including the then Hyderabad State and Andhra state (before merging with Telangana) to present Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states. The lifestyle of our people is a bit different as soon as the declaration of independence to our country, so we can’t expect a drastic changeover in speed. It takes two to three decades to witness a stable development. From the late 80’s the graph tends to increase and after Globalization in 1991 India experienced a great growth in economy through Foreign Direct Investment, which changed our lifestyles.

Meanwhile, our political parties (various governments) tend to focus more on State’s Headquarters (Capital City) in the name of development, which is now called as Metro cities. There might be many internal factors like Corruption etc for a Government to decide on allowing business or investments only in such cities. This is the biggest mistake committed by our Governments.

Politicians failed to create enough employment in every city and district. Even there is no establishment of quality and reputed educational institutes in district level. Instead, they have every such in a capital city. This is the reason why we travel or migrate to other cities or states for a quality education and employment, which results in staying away from the families, their affections etc. Our political parties are the reason for our loss in togetherness.

Hence, Government is connected to our Personal lives!

Conclusion: Hope for a ‘Uniformed Development’ in all the districts of the newly formed Telugu states and I wish the future generations to stay with their families most of the time in this short life span of ours.

`Just Think.