Intro: Call it Love, Lust, Friends with benefits, affair or whatever. Everything comes under dating if at all you choose a different person over your EX to get married. I get this idea of writing an article on keeping those pictures with EX-Lover after marriage, watching to my own picture with my Ex-lover. It’s all about if we can keep those pictures of us with our Ex-Lovers forever or not. I mean even after a new relation or marriage.

Actual Case: Here, there are two set of people; few delete pictures with EX-Lovers and few will keep them in secret folders, hard drives or mails etc. There are many reasons for people to keep a backup, differs from person to person. So there’s no point in elaborating and discussing over such reasons. Some may unable to forget them and some keep as memories. But revealing these pictures to their present partners are entirely depends on their partner’s nature and understanding.

Majority of us have an Ex-Lover. All those moments you spent with your partner are happiest moments the then. That’s secondary if you have planned your future with the same person after years or not. But these memories at that age are a great memory and experience as well.

Analysis: The point now is to keep those pictures with you or not. Frankly speaking, I support keeping pictures with your EX throughout your lives, and there are a few reasons why I support. A picture or a photo is something which can take us back to our memories. There is no such Time-Machine concept in practical for us to travel along the time. But a picture does take us back to our memories. A memory is something which gives a busy soul a great relief. And the most important thing is your partner should understand the importance of a memory. This means that he/she should be bold or matured enough to understand and accept this as well. Else it’ll lead to misunderstandings.

According to few people keeping such pictures is like cheating on your partner now. But that’s illogical. Your partner is partner only if he/she takes your past as a memory. One shouldn’t judge you based on your previous relationships. This is life fact, for a healthy relation. There’s no such thing called cheating here, it’s all about the amount of possessiveness. It shouldn’t cross limits. Moreover, such memories will usher smile on your face at your old age.

Conclusion: One should keep their memories and be matured enough to accept the same of your partner’s if any. It’s up to you to delete these memories, if you think it’s a kind of distraction for your new relationship. But don’t regret later!