Why it is Essential for us to be Urban Farmers now!

As soon as you hear the word, Urban Farmer, you might think of a person who constantly plays Farmville and acts like they know everything about a real farm, mistaking their imaginary crops to real. Now don’t take me wrong as if I felt the same. I have read this reply online by a humorous brother from another mother.

Intro: Agriculture is a science of practicing the process of cultivation of the soil and then crops. That’s related to all vegetables, fruits, and several eatables. Agriculture also includes rearing of animals for dairy products, fabric, and meat etc., Agriculture, in other words, is Farming. All our ancestors relate to this work and most of them are countryside farmers, in other words, the real Farmers. Whereas, all we people nowadays living in an urban environment in the game of earning money are actually missing nutrition, and hence it is essential for us to be urban farmers now. Individually!

Actual Case: Many of us are only focusing on making money and children but not food. Everyone thinks of buying food but none want to produce. It is essential in the future as everything is getting artificial by the advancement of technology, and should also realize the fact that we cannot buy health and wellness.

Farming is of two types: Industrial Farming and Family Farming. Industrial farming is something related to a large amount of production at a relatively low cost and harder work. That’s what a typical farmer does. But most of us are in the urban environment; as I am referring to Urban Farming here I would like you to adopt the culture of being an urban farmer, individually. It is our vital need in the present scenario. Family farming is so good; it improves the local land and reduces or avoids the dependency on commercially grown food and groceries. When you cannot cultivate in big and distribute food among your city, town or neighborhood; a person with small patio, yard, or balcony etc which is known as urban horticulture is enough to produce the essentials for a small family.

Conclusion: Let us think of our future generations and make a habit of farming apart from our regular work. And also let the next generations know the value of Organic food and Cultivation. Let us all be Urban Farmers; Go Green.

Just `THINK.